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Heating and Cooling Coil Repair and Replacement

Any chilled water, low pressure or high pressure hot water coil can be repaired or replaced. We offer in situ coil construction where access is restricted together with cranage and pipework modifications as required.

Dry Cooler Repair and Replacement

Repairs can be undertaken to frost damaged coils. Where damage is extensive or fin corrosion evident, replacement core sections can frequently be fitted to the existing framework. Where this is not possible, new coolers can be manufactured to accept existing fans and controls, thereby keeping costs to a minimum.

Retubing and Replacement of Calorifier Tube Nests

On site pressure testing, re-rolling, cropping, retubing and manufacturing of complete tube nests, plus refurbishment and machining of caps and tube plates.

Demountable Steam Coils

We manufacture and install a durable and efficient coil for steam applications. This employs high efficiency tubes, steel headers and compression fittings offering a coil that is easily assembled in situ and avoids the brazed joints and rigid construction of conventional coils.